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Caroline M. Abruzese, MD

Meet Dr. Caroline Abruzese

Caroline M. Abruzese founded Personalized Healthcare in 2009. Prior to creating her Concierge Primary Care Practice, she was a partner in Cucher & Abruzese. Her medical education and training was at the prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine where she received multiple honors and membership to the esteemed National Medical Honors Society; Alpha Omega Alpha. Dr. A completed her Residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center and has been practicing in Atlanta for over 25 years where she has served on committees at both Northside and Emory STJ hospitals of Atlanta.

Dr. Abruzese was featured in Town & Country’s “Concierge Practices in America” and has appeared on Fox 5 Atlanta, CBS Atlanta and Good Day Atlanta. She has been a speaker for the March of Dimes, performed radio interviews on WTBS 95.5 and 105.7FM, and has been a contributing health expert to multiple publications including WebMD, MORE Magazine and Better Homes & Gardens.

Dr. A’s passion for preventative healthcare has expanded to include anti-aging medicine or the practice of extending Healthspan; the amount of time within a lifespan spent in good health. In 2023, Dr. Abruzese launched a Longevity Pilot Program to measure aging and increase healthspan:

“….my goal is to bring the latest research in cellular health and optimization to my patients. We now have tools to estimate aging…epigenetic testing, telomere length and biomarkers…I collaborate with individuals on what lifestyle, supplements and/or medications will extend healthspan…it’s an ongoing process wherein we continue re-estimating biological age to see what works.”

Dr. A and Dr. Cox recognized that both their Concierge Medical practices shared the fundamental belief that health and wellness far outpaces the absence of disease. They joined forces in June 2022 with the idea of creating a Concierge Practice “patient partnership”. The result is a Concierge Medical Practice wherein patient members are motivated to work alongside their PCP to progress in their approach to a healthier lifestyle. Dr. A and Dr. Cox have created something lasting with Vital Living & Personalized Healthcare; they’re committed to offering patients more access, more services, and more balance in health and care for a lifetime.