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Concierge Medicine

What makes Vital Living concierge HealthCARE better?

  • A yearly individualized blueprint for you to obtain optimal health designed by you and the doctor at your Annual Exam.
  • Periodic follow up visits to assess your performance in meeting or exceeding set goals.
  • Innovative labs designed to help you understand your risk of Diabetes, Heart disease, stroke, and other diseases.
  • Personal care- you have your doctors’ cell phone in your pocket for times of need.
  • Expert hormone optimization by a physician who completed the board certification process of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and maintains board certification by the American Academy of Family Medicine.
  • A complimentary skin care assessment along with expert skincare products and services provided by licensed estheticians at a preferred price for all concierge members.
  • Botox and filler procedures performed by the physician for all members at preferred pricing.
  • To find out more and receive your complimentary time to meet with Dr Cox call now. 404-843-3636

What is it?

Our vision is to bring the small town family doctor to the big city. Instead of you being one of 30 or more patients that your doctor will see today and not remember, you are someone who forms a partnership with Doctor Cox in order to optimize your long term health and happiness.

What are appointments like?

Dr Cox can treat any problem you would visit your family or internal medicine doctor can and many that he or she can't. The shortest appointment time is ½ hour and usually you won't wait more than 5 minutes to see Dr Cox.

What if I wake up ill?

Same day service is always our goal. We understand that you can't schedule ahead for feeling unwell.

What if I am out of town?

You can call Dr Cox on a special cell phone and he will be willing to treat you in most cases over the phone. You won't wait for hours for a call back (or no call at all) and then be told to go to an urgent care center in an unfamiliar city.

What happens if I have an urgent need at night or after hours?

As a concierge patient you will have 24 hour phone access for urgent needs after office hours.

Does insurance pay for this?

Yes and no. Your insurance pays for office visits when you see the doctor and for some labs (like yearly physical labs). Insurance is not billed for services offered above and beyond what is required by insurance contracts. These services are beyond the scope of insurance plans and may include but are not limited to direct cell phone access, ability to do visits by Skype or face time, some forms of lab testing, health coaching sessions, same day appointments, emails and texts, or other services. The most valuable benefit is having direct access to a physician who truly cares about you and your health. This access allows you and your doctor to create a plan for your health each year.

I have a very high deductible plan so I always wind up paying for my healthcare, can this type of practice still benefit me?

Yes, please take advantage of the complimentary “coffee break” with Dr Cox so we can explain how our practice may still provide you valuable healthcare at affordable prices.

I don’t have insurance; can Dr Cox still be my doctor?

Yes, although we have to be clear that we are NOT AN INSURANCE PLAN. While we may be able to see you for primary care issues and help you find affordable cash based care, you would not have any coverage for catastrophic healthcare events that could devastate both your health and finances. We ALWAYS recommend for your personal well-being to have some sort of health insurance plan in place as your safety net.

What is the cost of the plan?

Patient Membership is $2,200 Annually. We offer a family plan with preferred pricing for immediate family members. Please inquire for pricing of additional family members.

What are the added benefits of the plan?

We offer preferred pricing to all concierge patients on botox, fillers, hormone implant procedures, skin care products, skin care services, vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

How can I know if this type of medical care is a value to me?

You and Dr Cox can discuss the benefits of this practice for your health at a complimentary “coffee break” with the doctor. At this visit you will let Dr Cox know what you are hoping to accomplish with your health care in the coming year and the two of you can decide together if you feel our practice is a good fit for your needs.

How long is the commitment?

One year is the commitment; we offer payment options with automatic debits to a card on file twice a year if you prefer to make payments.

Is there a limit to the number of patients?

Yes, because of the time spent and personalized service for our patients we limit ourselves to a total of 200 primary care patients annually. The average primary care panel per doctor in the US is now 2000-3000 patients.